Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet music.

This sweet song posted by Adele at Musings on the Simple Life made me think of this father daughter duo Ellen hosted the other day. Both such sweet songs.

I loved how on their Ellen appearance when she was asking how this began, the Dad, Jorge, said in their house, they "follow four guidelines: family, community, art and music".

I love how they have consciously outlined their family priorities. It's done in every organization to define where that organization should be directing their resources, their attention and time, to what work they should be doing. Why not within the family?

It took me a bit of thought, but I came up with the principle tenets we work towards in our family.

Kindness, health, and creativity.

Those encompass a lot. Kindness to each other, generousity and tenderness to friends and strangers, caring about social responsibility and the welfare of those who have a very small voice. Health in nutrition, activity, caring for our environment. Creativity in all that they (we) do, questioning and discovering, following our interests, testing our abilities.

What is your parenting 'mission statement'? If you were to list the values you want to raise your child to cherish, what would they be?

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