Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project Plans: Chaise Bench

This pretty little window seat is the perfect size and space for tiny preschool bodies to snuggle up with his or her blankie of choice and enjoy a cat-like bask in the sun. This piece came from Troy's mom, who got it from his sister, who inherited it from a roomate I think? It was on it's way to the garbage anyway when I nabbed it and made Troy fit it into our already jammed van to take back to NB. The things this man goes through in the name of my creative inspiration. I actually like the blue and soft feel of this fabric (the softness factor of fabric reigns supreme in our family scale of like or dislike, especially for Seth and I) and will probably replace it with much the same, it's just stained and a little squished, in need of an uplift. I'm also thinking this will be a much easier starter reupholstery project. As opposed to, say, a sofa.

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