Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Ookyook

... and it's cold outside!

Check out this clip for a little nostalgia for the vintage Sesame Street crowd. When I was little I loved when this came on, and found myself humming it today as I was getting the kids dressed up warm to go outside. Although my sister remembered the words much better than I!

Did  you know that Sesame has all of their classic and present day clips online to view? The kids and I had a great time going through them today (as I had no idea how to spell Ookyook). Remember Hoots the Owl, Ernie's Moon song, and Snuffle-cizing? And all their new ones, with songs by the Googoo dolls, Feist, and Norah Jones?

It's a good way to enjoy 'Ookyook'!

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