Saturday, November 28, 2009

We've Arrived.

We're here. We're in. We did it. We're actually living in our new home.

Over the last few months we've purged, packed and moved, squeezed in at my parents while major renovations took place at what was then referred to as the new house, demo-ed, roofed, insulated, breathed in too much plaster, drywalled, compared prices, deliberated swatches, painted, cleaned, floored, washed, swept, swept, swept, familiarized and remembered, and now... we breathe. I'm feeling thankful tonight.

I am thankful for our new space, even though we still have far to go with it. It is beautiful and peaceful. It is now also cozy, comfortable and feels like home. We still have a lot of renovating to do, but I like renovating anyway. It's rewarding work. You know what else I am thankful for? My hard-working husband, who I'm sure does not share my views on renovating but does it anyway, sans complaint.

I am also thankful for my great kids, who are funny and loving and breezed right through this transition. They managed through the tight reins at my parents home and now have settled right in at our house and in this new town. Kudos especially to my oldest Thane, who is not my outgoing child by any stretch, but who plopped himself right into his new class and made new friends. That's hard even for adults to do.

I am thankful for our loving families. One who despite their sadness at our leaving their city, loves us so much that they rolled up their sleeves, went to work, packed and lifted and babysat, and helped us on our way. And for the other, who welcomed us into their home and back to my town. We've been through sharing their space, my grandfather's death, a divorce in the family, our renovations.. all in a few short months. My Dad's sage advice on everything house has never been more welcome.

I am thankful for libraries, for that beautiful quiet space that welcomes our little people and gives us story hour. Some things seem the same, new house or old house.

For kind teachers, who help my boys feel at ease. For small town neighbours who are genuinely glad to see you move back.

For wood cut to keep us warm, the fresh fall air to pile it in, and for the geese that congregated behind our new house getting ready for their big trip. For not hearing their honking in the last few days and knowing it's good our winter tires are on, for living in a place where geese tell you winter is just around the corner.

For Santa Claus parades and Christmas lights in this dark month, and for boxes almost unpacked, which means I'll let myself decorate for Christmas soon.

I'm very cozy and content tonight. This was a good idea.
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