The Reno List.

So here it is. The Grand List. This is our renovation list, room by room, top to bottom. And it's crazy long. We might be crazy, but we do realize it will take time, especially living our very full life. This is at least a five year plan. Since the end results are turning out to be molasses slow (funny how having four littles can do that to a renovation), I thought I'd start to let you in on the real fun, the process of getting to those 'After' pictures.

This post will fill you in on what we've been up to until this point, one year into this project.

Alright, here goes....

Kids rooms
finish drywall on boys closets
touch up drywall on one electrical outlet and around two heat vents
finish/attach heat vents
add a top shelf to each boys closet
install closet floor seams
hang curtain rods and curtains
strip and clean old door hardware to reuse
install a door between the babies rooms
replace two doors
paint all doors
finish trim on attic opening
install moulding
paint moulding

remove plaster and carpet
insulate around the window
drywall & paint
install beadboard
install awesome light fixture
repair stairs
paint stairs
paint & install moulding
install carpet runner

Our room
paint & install moulding
install linen closet door
switch the opening direction of the door
repair two drywall seams? Undecided.
touch-up paint over Claire's 'art' (x2) Yes. Really.

paint walls
paint & install moulding
hang curtain rod & curtains
add built in cabinets

add plant shelves
paint the dishwasher cabinet
Rip out. Begin again.
insulate attic
replace ceiling
remove AC
insulate & drywall
cabinets (change what we have? replace? We'll see.)
add pendants over sink
move dishwasher
new floors
install pantry doors

A gut.
insulate, drywall, paint
refinish salvaged door
add storage

Entry & Den/TV room
finish closet
add games cupboard
paint ceilings
paint walls
modify & paint built-in bookshelf
tear out carpet!!! (I said I would not move in before that carpet was gone. Well then.)
install new floor
tile entry
install closet doors
hang curtain rods & curtains
paint trim
install trim

paint ceiling
paint walls
paint or tile fireplace
new floors
add heating

finish drywall on the powder room walls
redrywall the ceiling
move cupboards
finish folding counter
install a powder room door
move light & add one in the powder room
replace the exteriour door
add floating shelves above the folding counter
add a wall hung drying rack
tile floor
hang a tv? (I think this is the best idea ever.)

finish building workbench & organize tools
build a wall between the wood/workroom and the storage area
paint stairway walls
add lighting
finish heating/vent work
central vac to install!
build a cold storage room

replace the front porch floor (Who invented outdoor carpet? Really?)
revamp the front deck
parging on basement walls
build a shed
rake back & side and plant grass
add soil to level the front and side yards
make a walkway to the side door
make a front deck garden
remove the front tree garden
make a kidney-shaped garden around the flagpole and trees
make a moss garden on the slope beside the driveway
plant a garden around the telephone pole
put rocks in the driveway trench
plant hardwoods in the back and by the road
add a fence by the road?
apple trees on the hill (and 2 pear trees!)
cut the side hill grass
revive the garden, rhubarb, and is that raspberry bushes?
a treefort, slide and swing is in order
two new windows
new siding

Furniture/art projects
refinish our drawers
make a master headboard?
reupholster our occasional chair
reupholster the playroom bench
refinish the round oak table
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