Friday, February 18, 2011

Project plans: Mrs. Sofa

I'm tired of talking about (ranting about?) health issues for now, as I'm sure you are tired of reading as well, so today we're on to much more fun topics.

Project plans!

As in project want-to's! (As opposed to to-do's or should-do's.)

I constantly have a running list of project plans on the back burner, and generally don't have enough time for everything. So I thought I'd start showing you the plans. Visualizing is key in making it happen!

This week, I thought I'd start by spending the week covering a few furniture pieces I have big plans for.

Starting with the biggest plan.

This old sofa is begging me to reupholster her. I say her, because this couch reminds me of a mom who is dressed so practically, and really wants a makeover to return to her glamourous self. For some reason I think I am up to this task, even though I have never reupholstered anything before, save a few seat covers. I just think that it has such great old bones, I love the woodwork on the front of the arms and the legs, the kids love how the sloped back creates the perfect tunnel between the sofa and a wall. I'm not sure when it got the funny corduroy that really doesn't seem to mesh with it's style, but I remember it being that way ever since I was little, when it was already the couch relegated to the playroom.

I already have this goldish-yellow fabric for it that should compliment the dark wood very nicely. I found on sale several years ago, bought something like 9 yards of in my excitement and lugged it from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick with us in our move. Or was it 19 yards? I had worked it out and it seemed like the right amount at the time. I'm pretty sure you have no idea how bulky and heavy that quantity of fabric is, it's a sizeable package. As you can imagine, Troy loves when I buy project supplies and stash them, because 'I'm going to do that project at some point'! The worst part is that now I keep thinking the fabric she really deserves is a large bold floral print. No?

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