Monday, February 28, 2011

One Sunny Monday morning.

This morning I've already been back to the kids school to pick up my sick little kindergarden man. Apparently the sore throat that's been bothering him made him cry when he started coughing in storytime.

So now he's all snuggled in on the couch with his favorite pillow. It has armrests and a back with a handle on the top for carrying it around, and is very soft of course, Seth's main criteria. I had bought it thinking it would be useful for sitting up at night feeding Max, but I never did even try it out. Seth confiscated it the instant I brought it home, named it Sharky (a name I still don't understand), and has been carrying it around ever since. He liked it so much I didn't have the heart to reclaim it. So now he's all snuggled up with 'Sharky', a blankie, Blue's Clues popped in, and a bowl of oranges, reiterating that he's "Prince for a day, right mom?". Right babe.

Before I start to tackle a mountainous laundry folding session, I'm enjoying this coffee. The dining room is sunny, and the birds are loving the birdfeeder Thane made recently at Scouts, newly hung this weekend. I love that Troy hung it on the flagpole in direct view from the kitchen and dining room windows.  

Troy is also finishing his coffee, and prepping to continue destroying the playroom. Yep. It's in shambles.

We actually have enough projects on the go at the moment, with our new family sized entry closet half built and the entry, front living room, and den revamps in full swing (yay!) but realized our assessment date for the EcoEnergy grants is coming right up and that we still had these two exterior walls in the playroom that needed to be insulated. 

So now it is. 

I'm pretty sure I had a picture of this room when it actually looked like a playroom, but can't seem to find it at the moment. Here it is all cleaned out the other day, waiting to be gutted. The kids LOVED the empty space.   

This room is my favorite in the house, the most sunny and warm room, in the oldest part of the house, still sporting it's long narrow old hardwood that I love. It has such a soul. In the mornings when we're here alone, Claire and Max and I will hang out while I have a tea, them playing around me, sometimes with me, Claire serving Max and I her tea. I picture it evolving with us, being a family art space, my 'art studio' some day. Because of the great light in this room I think it would be the perfect space to create in, to draw, paint, sew. I want to eventually paint it Benjamen Moore's Vellum or Dijon, both yellow, a bit mustardy, but keep getting distracted by another yellow called Handmade, just because of the name!

But then... then we got thinking, actually my mom mentioned this idea and we started to chew on it. Wouldn't it be a great spot for a new bathroom?

We have one very small family bathroom, in an odd spot, just before the kitchen, not very close to the bedrooms. Very small, I'm talking 5' by 7'. And very outdated and worn out. It's defintely seen better days. I tacked one of the bathtub walls back up with a nail type of better days. I had said I would not move into this house before that bathroom was renovated, but I said a lot of things back when I had no idea. 

So Mom's idea, a good idea I think, was to take some space from this playroom (our third 'living room' space really) and build a new bathroom instead of renovating the one that we have. At first I balked at the idea, in fear of ruining my favorite space, but the plan kept playing in my brain. A bathroom we could actually move in AND have room to store our towels in? That would be a step in the right direction. It's the closest room to the bedrooms, making the run in a towel from bathroom to closet much less dodgey. And we would still have most of the playroom, with a little thought into the layout I'm sure we could be left with useable, beautiful space.   

Playing around with layout, the couch is our 'tub'. The toy bins and stool, walls!
The kids love the empty space, which is certainly food for thought.
And the extra space added to our kitchen when we take out the first bathroom? Oh, that's the seal on the deal. As one of my friends put it, with the kitchen larger it would be a true Maritime home.


  1. Sorry to hear that poor Seth isn't feeling well.
    On another note, I'm loving the renovations and ideas. A huge bathroom sounds pretty good, especially with your huge hockey team!

  2. Thanks Johanna. We're all just sore throats, runny noses and sore bodies here this week. His teacher actually sent him home, his mean mommy had made him go! It's so hard to make that judgement call, my boys aren't above playing the sick card on me to stay home. :)

    I am loving the renos, well, the design and excitement part anyway. The dust and chaos I could live without. :)


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