Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Pretty little play kitchen bowls.
Sandpaper letters (something I've been meaning to make for a while now). They're for teaching writing skills.
This bridge. For Mister Max.

 A playsize cute little old cupboard.

 A handmade wallet like this. With spots for cards and a zipper for change...

but cute, like this!

I, I mean, my kids, must have one of these houses. I remember every little detail of these houses. Now, A-frame or Tudor? Decisions, decisons.

And the people that go in them of course.

And did I mention this awesome jewelery display? Art, function, nostaglia, all mixed into one!

Oh, and a labeler. 'Cause I'm that cool.


  1. Oh Victoria, there are so many things on your list that Iove so very much too. I was just thinking the other day that I need a set of sandpaper letter both for my kindergartners at school (I work with a few that have no concept of letters and I think this would be so helpful!) and my own little guy. Trying to decide if I should try to make them or go ahead and buy.

    The "vintage" Fisher Price house... I had forgotten about those until I saw the picture and it all came flooding back. A friend of mine had the A-frame and I loved it so! We have quite a collection of the people, a circus train, and the barn. Too fun!

    I've had felted bowls on my to-do list forever! I never thought of them for our play kitchen. I think it will be my next project!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Glad you liked it! :)

    Most of the pictures are linked to the sellers on Etsy where I found them. I thought the sandpaper letters were pretty reasonable compared to other places I've checked them out.


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