Sunday, August 1, 2010

What I forgot about babies...

1. I forgot how much attention babies bring from strangers.

On my kinder, gentler days I appreciate that everyone loves babies and pause to be proud and enjoy their fawning over my child. On other days it flusters me at best while I'm busy head-counting my other three and attempting to get them somewhere on time. On my worst days I'm cursing whoever raised these close-talkers who think that a baby gives them permission to touch me and my baby. And then I tell my bitchy self to get back in my head.

Let me round that out with a few sweeter thoughts. I also forgot:

2. How soft babies are. Maxwell's little cheeks, his fuzzy head full of hair, his clothes and blankies, everything about him is soft.

3. How often newborns poop! It's a far cry from Claire's two, maybe three diaper changes a day.

4. How portable newborns are. You just take them anywhere, anytime. If he's tired, he just goes to sleep, hungry, I just nurse him, as opposed to a toddler's version of tired (or our preschooler for that matter), which in our case is usually a loud and very noticable event.

5. How insatiably hungry I am, all the time. I think breastfeeding takes more out of me than being pregnant does, if that's possible.

And I'll add a number 6 for good measure.

6. How slow it is to type with one-hand. I'm getting a whole lot of sitting time in while nursing, surfing the net and tv with a babe in one hand is easy, but typing is another matter. So, be patient with me, I'll slowly but surely have more, possibly innane, baby babble to share with you.

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  1. I can totally identify with all of these! The one hand typing actually made me laugh out loud... it's like you've been peeking in my windows! :)


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