Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 weeks

Wow. Two babes are sleeping, two boys are at school. Must type quickly!

Having a babe in the middle of summer has meant that regardless of Max's arrival life has not slowed down a bit. As every Canadian does, we enjoy summer to the fullest while it's here. Max has had a full little life already!

In five short weeks, Max has visited with family, family, and more family, visiting cousins here and traveled to visit the ones we love in Nova Scotia, made a day trip to Kings Landing, took his big brothers and sister and cousins to the fair, been to the petting zoo, watched summer fireworks, gathered around campfires, attended a birthday party, attended a wedding (sleeping soundly for mama through the dance!), and watched as his big brothers head off for school. 

In five short weeks, Max has gained 4 pounds and learned how to smile. 

I love this boy.

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  1. looking at his little picture brings joy to my heart! he has done so much in the short time that he's been here!


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