Saturday, July 31, 2010

A to-do list grander than laundry

I would like to make time someday to work these into my days:
  • bicycle race
  • paint
  • cook bread
  • grow a veggie garden
  • practice yoga (more consistently)
  • design wall art
  • make my own pasta sauce (with real tomatoes)
  • cook soups more often
  • have a dog
  • golf
  • ski
  • horseback ride
  • volunteer for organizations I appreciate, like the library
Right now, my days are full. Full with reading books, snuggles, park playing, swimming lesson watching, ball cheering, stroller walking, screen time tracking, daytrips, teaching chores, referreeing, renovating, cleaning, organizing, and more cleaning. But someday, I'm going to add these items to the ever-evolving to-do list.

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