Monday, July 5, 2010

This too shall pass.

I'm feeling oddly energetic. I've finished at the gallery for the maternity year 'off' and feel like I can take on anything right now. I've been cleaning, organizing, helping Troy finish up renovations I'm hoping will be complete before baby comes. I've had a busy schedule of keeping up with the kids, schlepping them to swimming, ball, and the library.

I have two weeks left until my due date. I'm big. This belly is so heavy. I'm slow. But this sudden burst of energy makes me feel like the baby might come soon.

I'm ready to meet this little person. To see who it is in my belly. I want to see their little face and hold him or her and get to know them. 

I'm a little worried about keeping up with almost-two Claire with this new baby in tow. Almost two means fast, and curious, and determinedly independent. We'll get by though. Just like the steps from one baby to two, from two to three, soon I won't be worrying about how I'm going to make out with four. I'll just be doing it. 


  1. oh I'm thinking of you Victoria I honestly don't know how you have the patience and are my role model.
    Can't wait to see pics of lil baby Huttlett!

  2. Thank you so much Johanna! That means so much. We'll just say that some days I have neither, patience or energy! ;) You've been in my thoughts so often lately with your big move!


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