Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh Seth.

My boy Seth. He's just a card.

Yesterday I lost him for a minute. Not a panicked minute, just a "Where did my boppy social butterfly go now?".

His swimming lessons had just finished up and Thane and I had been waiting for him in the shade on the nearby playground. As we entered the poolhouse to round him up I realized he wasn't there waiting for us. I found his sandals and towel and was just beginning to think maybe he had gone out to the van in search of us, when I heard his little voice. 

Around the corner, there sat Seth on a chair in the lifeguard office, surrounded by at least five enamoured lifeguards. He was getting a replacement bandaid for one that had gotten wet during the swimming lesson. He was in his glory, the center of attention chatting up the crowd. The lifeguards, mostly teenage girls, were oohing and aahing over his story and laughing over how cute he is. 

That kid.   

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