Saturday, July 10, 2010

This summer I will...

  • explore NB, daytrip style, starting with Kings Landing.
  • make a cute sunhat for Claire, and perhaps one for this new little one.
  • restuff and resurrect Thane's crib bedding for this new babe.
  • paint and finish the moulding for the rooms we've done. 
  • hang curtains and get rid of the 'we just moved in' look, one year later!
  • find local, organic meat to fill our freezer with.
  • fit the farmers market into our grocery routine.
  • help Thane work on writing, Seth with his letters, and Claire with her words.
  • use a nice voice.
  • draw.
  • get to NS to enjoy our family and the beach.
  • refinish the antique door hardware I salvaged.
  • enjoy Paint the Heartland, Artists on the Boardwalk and the Festival of Flavor
  • go shopping for kids clothes somewhere other than Joe. I love Joe, but Claire looks like their spokesmodel.
  • discuss church with Thane. Really wish I could figure out what I believe in, would make the whole topic easier.
  • explore and enjoy what the Knowlesville Art & Nature Centre has to offer. 
  • finally do our passport applications.
  • teach the boys to ride their bikes, sans training wheels.
  • frequent the pool after t-ball.
  • buy/find/have someone build a porch swing for our front deck.

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  1. my goodness you're gonna be a busy mama! i love lists....and yours has me wanting to know more about all these fun things going on in your neck of the woods.


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