Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day love

I love this Daddy of ours. Everyday I feel like my kids are so lucky to have the father they do. I feel like I lucked out. He loves them, he cares, he navigates parenthood with me, an active participant in their lives, and he's probably one of the most fun Dad's too (not many Dad's are also a human jungle gym). He's a good role model, expecting high standards from the kids, teaching how to be by living that way. He teaches them character, that to be the best you have to do your best, not to be a poor loser. He teaches them how to think things through, not just what to think. He is an equal participant in raising these kids with me, running this house with me, putting thought into how they're doing, how we're doing. He humors me, is my intelligent sounding board when I'm panicking, lets me sleep in even when it's not my turn. I enjoy being with him, I miss him when we're both busy. I'm glad I can say that.

That said, he didn't get much spoiling today! I did get up with the kids this morning, but at all of 8:30 I woke him up too to drag him to church, not his favorite activity. But I knew it would make my own Dad happy to have us there, so to church we went. We did go out for breakfast, then home and napped, then out to Mom and Dad's for a birthday/Father's day bbq in a crazy thunderstorm. The covered porch in the hot summer rain really was the perfect way to spend the afternoon though.

As a father's day gift we're sending him, along with his brother and his own father, to night away next weekend, followed by a golf day! I think he definitely deserves the treat day off. They should have a good time.

Love you Troy.

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