Thursday, April 22, 2010

something yellow...

I joined in mid-week on Kerry's Young Ones: Kids' Color Week. She came up with the idea of a color themed week where the kids were to be the ones behind the lens. Wednesday was yellow!

The Lorax. Mr. Earth Day himself made an appearance on Seth's birthday!

Thane pointed out we needed to take a picture of Claire on Yellow day, she was very yellow!

Troy's been doing a lot of yardwork lately, project "make our renovation back into a lawn".

The Spring flowers have sprung!

Seth decided orange was close enough to yellow. Impressive reflection captured I thought!

I was a bit disappointed yesterday morning when I proposed the idea to my eldest, seven year old Thane, and he seemed less than enthused. He did pick out a few yellow props though, mostly just to humor me I think. That evening I decided to go outside and take my own picture of the yellow flowers I had just noticed blooming. I was pleased that if it had failed to inspire my kids artistically, the project had at least given me the push to literally 'stop and smell the flowers' on a very hectic day. As I was going out the door however, my birthday boy five year old Seth asked what I was doing and it dawned on me that I hadn't even asked him to take some yellow pictures for me. He was more than delighted to be offered the camera, and an hour outside together bopping from one yellow object to the next ensued. We ended the beautiful spring day outside playing baseball with a yellow bat and a yellow tennis ball.

Picture perfect. :)

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  1. Great shots! My favorite is the dump truck!


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