Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kids Color Week: Orange (& Purple)

We've wrapped our color week with Orange Friday and Purple Saturday all at once. The boys weren't in the creative mood (more of a 'I'm watching tv and only pretending to listen to you mommy' mood) when I approached them about finishing up our Saturday purple pictures to post. But little Claire was more than willing! So although most of these pictures are taken by me, she had a great time walking around the house with me and we chatted about all kinds of colors.

Pictures of picture albums.

We went outside to color search and we could only find our orange on Claire. We didn't even have any purple flowers!

A well-loved purple Mr. Popple.

Of course oranges make the cut.

One of the many waterbottles/sippy cups you can find around our house. (Does this game remind you of Dr. Seuss's 'In a People House'? "And that Mr. Mouse, is what you can find in a people house!")

Claire, modeling lovely purple sweatpants. When I mentioned we were on a purple lookout Thane said offhand, "There must be some purple in Claire's laundry pile". Made me giggle. I keep trying to find little girls clothes in lovely blues and greens and browns, but you can't get away from pink and purple for her size!

A little people ark roof. Because of course Noah would have been into purple. Maybe he had a daughter with some sway in the decor colors.

With this guy we began to get creative with orange and purple!

Orange birthday goody wrapping.

And mommy's favorite scarf. Hope you enjoyed your purple and orange colored days!

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