Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A few things on my mind...

  • How to build a tire swing? I'll google this tonight me-thinks. I had envisioned a romantic single board swing for our front tree, but the boys vote is for a tire swing. Really makes more sense for multiple kids anyhoo.
  • What are the options when redoing our front porch? Our current porch has pretty white columns atop fugly, wearing out carpet floor. (Outside. Really. Carpet outside was a very bad idea. Who thought up the outdoor carpet idea?) Upon driving through the historic portion of old Woodstock I've decided we could get away with wood decking, not painted, (to avoid annoying painting maintenance) combined with a painted white front kickboard (from the deck to the ground) to tie in the columns. Make sense?
  • How great this evening was. Troy was happily driving golfballs into our 'back field'. (Those lake scavenged balls from his days working on the golf courses are coming in handy. We'll send the kids up there on a 'golf ball hunt' sometime, maybe this should be next Easter's event, lol.) Seth was happily riding away on his 'new' bike, Thane's old bike with the seat put down. "I like this bike. This is a good color. This is a good bike!", he said. Bike riding is Seth's absolute favorite thing to do, most of the summer he walks around with his helmet on, indoor or out, because he'll be back out on the bike in a minute. I just picked up Seth's birthday present today, a load of gear to trick out his ride. Reflectors for the tires, a bell, a bottle holder, and Hulk bike gloves. He has a thing for dress up gloves, he's going to love these. Shhh. Don't tell! Claire was puttering around enjoying the warm air, climbing up onto the lawnmover seat and down, up and down. She was picking up rocks off the lawn and bringing them to us, the little gatherer that she is. She's been watching Troy do a lot of this lately too, beginning to transform last years moat back into this years lawn!
  • My boy Seth is turning 5 tomorrow. FIVE. He is the world's most loving child, and hilarious. This year he has become even more articulate. I loved the fifth year with Thane, it really is a metamorphosis year from little boy to big boy. Seth is also my most tactile child, the thumb-sucker, the stuffie lover, the one with the penchant for anything soft. Will those sweet little boy things go this year?  Take a peek at these:
Seth asleep anywhere, as usual,

and with his big brother on Thane's first day of school three years ago.

On his third birthday, loving new wheels, and new stuffies.

Sweet little hands and toes at the beach.

Going camping, all that blonde hair!

Into birthday icing. (Look at that mischievious grin!)

More snuggles, more beach, more blond hair and cute toes. Too cute Seth. Don't grow up on me too quickly!


  1. oh my goodness, i can't believe that Seth is turning 5! I love those pics of him!

  2. A happy birthday to your sweet little man! He sure is a cutie! Glad you'll be joining us for color week. I'll add you to the list.


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