Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Day! No wait, that's a band...

Happy Earth Day everyone! Coincidentally, today was also pegged for green on Kerry's Young Ones: Kids' Color Week. Our green pics...

Taken by Seth, a very cool shot of the... hmmm... vcr? Playstation? I'm not quite sure.

Seth was excited about green shots this morning, his pictures were zoom-by, fast action shots!

I was going for a close-up of his jammie shirt. He wanted me to shoot his gloves. (These, by the way, are the birthday present biking gloves! They were as big of a hit as I had thought they would be. He wore them to bed, lol.)

And to conclude our green day pictures, Claire's socks. She picked them out herself.


  1. I love that he worn the gloves to bed, that is priceless and the picking out of the socks! What fun!

  2. I love the first one. Very cool! Kids can do some amazing things with the camera. I also love that you guys have the same little green walker/ rider that we have! Fun!

  3. Thanks guys, I also am a big fan of the socks. Her new thing is to try to dress herself, so generally what she picks out goes, and it's so cute to watch the little fingers try to manover her toes into the socks. I love that walker Kerry, it was actually a $2 yardsale find for us that has gotten so much use at our house, my favorite kind of find!


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