Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My new little corner

I think I may have a new favorite corner of my house. I rearrange furniture, umm, a lot. I've explained to Troy (my patient husband) that it's because we keep growing and changing as a family and our needs keep changing, so the house must follow suite. I'm sure though that he realizes it also has a lot to do with my need to make things pretty. Poor Troy gets the pleasure of being the muscle of the operation. Some things should just be part of a dating 'interview' when you meet. "How's your parents health? How are you with money? What's your family plan? Will you make me move the piano three times?"

My most recent endeavor was to move the main computer out of the dining room and into the more spacious living room. I had put the computer into the dining room just over a year ago, mostly in an effort to have it in a central place for supervising the boys, who were getting much more independant on the computer. I've been getting really annoyed lately though with squeezing between the desk and dining chairs to sit at the dining table. So one day last week I was analyzing my long, skinny living room and attempting (once again) to resolve the layout issues that shape creates when I had an aha! moment. The desk must be moved.

Now I must explain, that our dining room 'desk' was created last summer when I came home with a three legged table. It was either a yardsaling morning or a garbage day find. Did I mention how much Troy loves when I come home dragging a bopping open trunk busting with an unloved furniture piece? Highlight of his day, I'm sure. So I finagled him into helping me cut it into half with the table saw, and with the back edge screwed into the wall it became the desk it is today.

A few holes in the wall later, I now have the coziest little computer corner that was previously wasted space AND a more spacious dining room again. You can walk around the whole table without bumping into anything!

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