Friday, May 8, 2009

Where to put the herbs?

In the midst of all this outdoor gardening glee, we've been inspired to plant a little indoors as well. This is our new herb garden.

My husband also has his own plant projects on the go. The plants on the right? Pineapples. You can't even see the avocado seeding going on by my kitchen sink, and the prayer plant that is constantly a work in progress. The kitchen window seems to be our only great plant growing window in the house, partially because of it's light, but partially because we remember to water them there! These plants are pretty and we love them, but they're sucking up my precious counter space around the sink/window.

What I want is a shelf for them in front of this window. Like this one from Ikea . Or this. I want it to go between my two upper cabinets that flank this window. About a foot down from the top of the window, high enough to miss dishwashing heads, giving me my counter space back, while still letting the plants have their perfect plant light that this particular window offers. I have it all visualized in my head, but do you think I can find such a shelf?! Unfortunately, these Ikea ones aren't long enough and after scouring Halifax I am convinced no such shelf exists here. I think this project is doomed to the 'carpentry' to-do list. This is the list that, in our house, has approximately a one to two year wait period. Being put on this particular to-do list is reminiscent to being referred to a specialist with a non-urgent health issue. Loonnnggg wait. We have plenty of excuses (babies, carpentry inexperience, wood expense) but really, I'm not sure what is the main issue with this type of to-do's. Whatever it is, it makes me sad that I can't just find this shelf. Sometime, when I am feeling quite upbeat and patient, I will fill you in on the carpentry to-do's I have planned for my poor abused kitchen.

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