Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy boys.

The boys were 'entertaining' Claire today.

Poor Claire.

I must remember to quiz my sister-in-law on her survival tactics for growing up with two older brothers.

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  1. Hey Victoria!
    Mom told me about your blog thingy so I decided I should check it out! I think it's awesome, it may inspire me to do something like this sometime! In response to your question, how I survived growing up with two other brothers!? Not only have I survived but growing up with two big brothers who LOVED to wrestle has made me:
    1. stronger- by being the practice dummy every once in a while
    2. more confident- in the sense that I'll always look better in a dress than either of them!
    3. more relaxed- because I got used to the wrestling and learned to ignore it.
    4. a better daughter- allowed me to bond with my mother peobably more than usual.
    5. a better person all around- because NO MATTER what you say or do to a brother they will always be there for you and they don't get PMSy so they're moods rarely change!!

    I loveddddd growing up with two older brothers who made me feel safe!! Hopefully Claire feels the same way!:)


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