Wednesday, April 29, 2009


At the risk of being the most soap-boxing, long-winded blogger ever, I am going to make this post short and all about lovely. And what do I think is lovely? I'll show you.

My first bit of lovely is our Earth Day walk, lead by my oldest son, who was determined we should actually do it in the pouring rain on the real Earth Day. Thane can such a deep thinker, seeming to worry about the big issues so much, it makes me melt. At some prompting from Mama that Claire wouldn't like that very much (yes, I blamed it on the baby), two days later when the sun was shining we were out picking up garbage around our block. Seth was just pleased to wear his gardening 'glubs'.

Our Earth Day walk quickly digressed into a play at the park, but that was okay. At least the thought, and a little effort, was there. It was gorgeous out and we were really, really, really enjoying the return of the sun. Another bit of lovely? Claire's first ride on the swing.

This is her scrunched up nose, I am the cutest baby-in-the-world, loving the sun and this funny swing moving, and my mama is hilarious face. I'm sure that's what she's thinking.

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