Monday, October 24, 2011

A pause.

The other day as I bustled about in a morning rush on a chilly windy morning, getting Max and the boys and our things for the day into the van, I stopped, noticing Claire was not in line. A quick look around found her standing mesmorized on her way to the van, watching the leaves fall around her like rain from the big front yard tree.

A few days later, I hassled Seth to shut the door quickly, "You're letting the heat out, we're not ready to go out yet.", when he stopped me.

"But it smells like winter Mommy. Smell." 

And it did. The cold smelled so good.

That night, Max and I were on our way up the stairs in the dark, his head snuggled on my shoulder, ready for bed, when we heard the geese hosting their annual general meeting in the river. The honking is loud when there's so many of them. Max perked up and we stood at the top of the stairs for a while, looking out the window and listening to the change of season in the dark.

Sometimes, I love when they make me stop.    

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