Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ode to February

February is gone for another year. I always feel if we can just get through January and February, if we can keep ourselves happy and optimistic somehow while we feel that we might possibly actually live INSIDE a snowbank, that we can make it to the other side of winter.

People in blogland keep mentioning that Spring is here. I am having serious trouble feeling springlike.

This is what outdoor time has looked like (still looks like) around here.

Shoveling driveways. Shoveling around vehicles.

Shoveling off the roof as well.

Jumping off that roof. Just because we can!

Going to festivities like SnowBlast and sliding parties.

Max too.
Claire, clearly ready to go.

Tonight though, driving home, I noticed something I hadn't seen in quite some time. It was 6:30, and the sun was just starting to set! Maybe Spring will come again. Maybe we're not stuck in a Narnia winter after all.
"Except that after February comes March, the unpredictable jackass of the calendar."
- George Stroumboulopoulos


  1. Oh Victoria I know exactly how you are feeling. I'm so finished with completely finished with the cold and the layers and only lasting 15 mins or so outside.
    And I just have to say that your littles are so so beautiful. Max is just precious. Thane is so grown up. Claire is so pretty and Seth is just a dear as always. I love your brood!

  2. Thank you Johanna! Thane really is growing up so fast. It's a little disconcerting buying clothes for him now, they're almost as big as I am! Winter must be very daunting for you there, are you at least noticing a bit more light yet?

  3. Great quote... great shots! I know how you feel too. Although it was over 50 degrees F here today and our snow piles are steadily melting away... maybe by the end of this month they'll be history.


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