Friday, September 3, 2010

Right now

: Groceries bought and a stack of pictures printed (digital cameras and my procrastination don't mix well). They sit on the the kitchen floor, but at least the brood will be fed.

: One chunka munka big hot bundle of baby boy is lightly sleeping on my lap. I don't want to wake him, so my lap it is in exchange for a few moments of still.

: The house is heavy with heat. Flies buzz at the windows. It's tiresome to breathe the hot air, and everything smells, just more. Outside temperatures are record high for September. It's an uncomfortable reminder that we need to do more, be better, care more to work our way out of global warming. The friendly guy preaching his beliefs dropped off a magazine that mocks me, "The End is Near!". Maybe so my friend, maybe so.

: Hurricane Earl is coming near (or is he a tropical storm now?). Must bring in the bikes, the garbage, the toys. Everyone waits to see what the storm will bring. Perhaps no damage, but coolness? One can only hope.

: Back to school germs are knocking at my door. I can tell by Thane's croaky voice and cranky attitude. Echinacea, colloidal silver, thieves soap, and tea tree shampoo. Bring it on germs, I'm ready for ya.

: The teething banshee girl child is waking up. The boys will be off the bus in half an hour, foaming at the mouth hungry and grumpy hot, school notices and mail trailing them. A hungry and hot daddy will follow shortly, dirty workboots and all. My still moment is done for today.

: The house will soon magically transform from a quiet still to hilarious chaos. Okay Mama - deep breath, glass of water, and a big stretch. I'm ready for you three o'clock.

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