Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet Sugargaze Twinklerain Hutt

What do you think? Do we have a winner? Surely our baby could pull off a name like Sugargaze.

I've been lost in the blogosphere, specifically the baby name blogosphere. Check these out:

My current favorite blogger commentary on everything baby name.

Whose random name generator, upon selecting the fairy category, provided the lovely option above.

Their baby name finder section offers the option to keep your own baby name list on the site, with cool tools like the baby name explorer, where you can view a web of suggested names or sibling names, based on other people's preferences with a similar taste in names as your own. Hours of fascinating web-based procrastination at your fingertips.

I'm still hoping Troy will come around on Ezra for a boy. I love it. Unfortunately, he pretty much hates it. Boo to that.

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  1. oh I love Ezra! Common Troy, you know you love it too!


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