Saturday, May 15, 2010

Five Minutes Peace

This is a very cute book, one of my favorites on our kid bookshelves. The brief synopsis? Mama Large (a title I can certainly identify with right now) just wants five minutes peace to drink her tea.

This morning I was laying in bed, attempting to will myself out of my cozy spot, when in came the parade. Thane had discovered and was trying out the moon shoes my mom had picked up for him at an auction we went to yesterday (remember moon shoes?), Seth waddled along in swim flippers and snorkeling gear, and Claire was bringing up the rear having lost her pants and waving a pair of her bloomers (the ones for under her dresses) she had found somewhere along her travels and wanted help donning. They did a quick circle around the room, up over the bed and back out whence they came, only with Claire now wearing bloomers and playing the snorkling gear like a flute. They reminded me of Mrs. Large's brood, especially little Claire bopping along behind like the littlest elephant. Bearing chaos in their wake but you can't help but laugh.

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