Friday, May 21, 2010

Etsy lovin'

I've been daydreaming of decorating. You know, the fabric, the art, the little touches. Those things I used to do before we decided to gut a house and build it again.

So I've been Etsy therapy-ing.

Technically not decor, but nonetheless this card appeals to my inner geek.

I want Claire's room to have this polkadot bird.

This tunic is actually meant for an adult, but I think it would be a super cute little girls dress. Will I ever take the time to make cute things like this for my kids before they're too old to want to wear them?

Aw, I loved my Russian nesting dolls. I think Claire's room actually needs this matryoshkas print.

Love this linen runner.

A little abc love.

And a sugardrop baby.

For now, I'll take comfort in our awesome new plumbing. Yep. It's great, that new plumbing.

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