Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You likie?

What do you think of the new blog look? A bit more width and breathing room for the text (the typographer in me was dying for bigger margins, more white space!) and a few new spiffy colors. I'm pleased with it, more tweaks to come I'm sure, but a nice facelift just in time for Spring! I like the circles as they are, but I was thinking just this morning that wouldn't they look fabulous with little silhouettes inside them? I'm thinking something in this style:

I found this Best Day Ever print by Erinjane Illustrations in her Etsy shop. Check out the rest of her work, I like! Doing this would mean I would have to fire up Illustrator though, my least favorite of programs. It's a shame Illustrator and I don't get along better, the work I can do in the program appeals to my design esthetic so much!

I want you also to take note of my nifty new gadget below each post, from LinkWithin for all you bloggers. What it does is picks out and lists past posts that are on related topics. I've admired this on a few different blogs I follow and finally picked the brain of a friend over at Birds On a Wire to see how she made this happen. I have been fascinated over the last hour following the links within my own blog. To see reoccuring topics and then to notice a growth or change on my part over the past few years of blogging is pretty amazing.

I did notice my lists of related links are not nearly as pretty as I'd like, since most of my posts have no pictures to use as a thumbnail. For a visual person this realization that my blog is lacking some, well, visuals, is disconcerting and I'm going to make an effort to give you more pictures! All in all, I hope you enjoy the related links as much as I do, I think it's a very interesting addition!

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  1. love the new look! it does give a lot more breathing room.
    isn't blog design fun? and you have so much more of a background in it than I do.


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