Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Love.

Monday's deserve a little love. At least at our house.

My Monday's are wonderful lately. On Monday's I don't work, but Troy is back to the workweek, Thane's off to school, and Seth has no preschool. Some Monday's we go to a playdate, but sometimes we just have nowhere at all that we need to be. I get to hang out with the littlest two of our clan, spend a peaceful day in a quiet house, catching up on what didn't get done over the weekend, or just catching up with a nap. For awhile in the morning Seth gets control of the remote and as I putter around I can hear the sweet and gentle preschool shows that usually get outvoted in favor of the louder Ben10, Bakugon, Spiderman or Scooby-Doo when my big kid Thane is home. When Claire is awake it's nice to see her and Seth beginning to play together, when Thane is home Seth generally opts to mostly ignore Claire. And Seth is also getting good at entertaining himself away from the tv, it used to be that he was at a bit of a loss to fill his time without his big brother directing the entertainment. In the afternoon we have been popping outside to play, and Thane receives happy greetings when he gets off the bus. I have time to plan supper and have it ready a little earlier, and in turn a peaceful evening usually follows.

So here's my hurray to Mondays, not everyone hates you Monday!


  1. awww I like this little look into your Monday.

  2. Ouuuuuu I LOVE the new layout! LOVE it!


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