Friday, April 29, 2011

Queen of my Castle

This is a quick 'as I shovel in breakfast' post, on the reasons why it's okay that I have not married Prince William (even though that means I am left to clean my own kitchen).
  1. My own charming Prince made me a breakfast smoothie this morning.
  2. The glorious sun is shining and my lawn is calling my name. This time of year any outside chores seem delicious. Miss Claire and Master Max and I will be going outside imminently to put a new wheel on our broken wheelbarrow.
  3. Miss Claire has decided the potty is awesome. Which is awesome. She is so excited about her Diego seat and has been a potty superstar this week. Lots of high fives have been had by all.
  4. Master Max is 9 months old! He has been a sleeping superstar (leaving Mommy giddy happy), has had beautifully clear skin lately, mimics our sounds in the cutest way, now scoots and shuffles backwards, and has found his knees. There's been lots of practice rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. Mommy is in trouble with these slightly sticky floors very very soon!
  5. There are no holidays in sight for some time. Which pleases me to no end. This means routine and ease of schedule, regular bedtimes, and a lack of sugar induced emotionally fragile children for the next few months! (Easter was a little horrible. Really, the drama around here may have earned strict adherance to bedtimes and no sugar at the next holiday. Unless Easter has become a faded memory by then, my kids will be subject to strict mommy, for their own sakes!)
  6. The coming unclaimed weekend holds the strong promise of doing something big. Like a deck, or walling in the new bathroom, or marathon sewing. We'll see, we haven't decided yet what awesomeness is to come, but it's going to be great.
Onwards to the outdoors, sunshine, tricycles, and a wheelbarrow that needs us!

I bet Kate can't say that. 

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