Monday, April 25, 2011

Boring Mommy.

My favorite facebook status of the week:
"Didn't you guys get the memo? Being overly cynical and jaded isn't cool anymore. It just makes you boring, and kind of an asshole."
I'm kind of an asshole lately.

I used to feel like a positive person, overly peppy even! Then I had kids, and so often the world seems wrong and bad, and I feel anti-everything. I grasp at the positive, but seem to gravitate to the negative. I'm serious Mommy, truely an adult who is no fun. No fun at all.

Today, Easter Monday, my kids earned no sugar and absolute adherence to bedtimes for their next holiday. The group emotional fragility following candy overload and late family visiting hours was too much to bear. The tears, oh the tears, today.

Thane and I had an argument resulting in him being sent to bed at 6:30, I knew his tiredness was dictating his actions and this was really what he needed. He of course, did not agree that the reason he tried to run over his brother with a tricycle was because his judgement and personality were impaired by lack of sleep. He told me he hated me all the way. I retorted I'm not supposed to be his friend, I'm his mother. Yep. Those words came out of my mouth.

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