Sunday, February 14, 2010

A little room to stretch out

I'm itching to get into our new bedroom, mostly because I'll have closet space again! To the right is the room when we started renos, that light is coming from what will be my new big under the stairs closet. We move to an old house and I get a bigger closet than ever. That pleases me to no end.  

Right now we are bunking out in what we were planning to use as our spare bedroom (below). This plan has changed a little, it will now be the new baby's room. At any rate, it sure doesn't work as ours!

However, whatever it's going to be, it still has no closet, only enough room for our spare double bed (as opposed to our lovely new king), and currently there is no door between this room and Claire's. We generally hate the little bed we're in now, finding it backbreaking and way too 'cozy', and can't wait to get back into our REAL bed. I am just dying to put away the temporary shelf and yardsale rod that we're using right now for our clothes (squashed directly beside the little bed). Yep, I'm posting this picture with the messy room as is. Because that's how it always is lately! I'm getting very tired of trying to squash our clothes in where they just don't fit.

I have the paint color swatch all picked out, it's called Coventry Grey. It sounds boring, but I think it will be quite lovely with lots of white trim, our light blue duvet cover, throw in some white curtains? I also found a very pretty blue fabric to possibly recover one of the occasional chairs I keep picking up at yardsales and auctions. On good days Troy calls them my 'project chairs'... on other days he calls them kindling.

Our year that was originally pegged for a year to transform this house has quickly transformed into a career year (along with an energy zapping pregnancy), so progress over the last couple months has been S-L-O-W. This is what our new bedroom looks like now. I'm enjoying the career changes but am so yearning for the reno plans to go on as scheduled. Sigh. How to fit it all in. 

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