Monday, February 15, 2010

A late Valentine's post.

I'm really impressed by this Design Mom's Valentine's gusto. Check out her post on what she helped her children do for their classroom Valentine's.


It's a far cry from the store bought pack of 32 Marvel Character Valentines that I split between Thane and Seth's classmates. Our Valentine routine was more an event in printing practice than design prowess.Thane made a list of his classmates, picked out his favorite characters for his besties, assigned a girl Valentine to a boy he didn't like (in spite of my frown), and signed his name eighteen times. I was very impressed that Seth signed his name fourteen times in a row, all by himself. Writing his name once is a feat he's only recently managed, but I think he was spurred on by the coolness factor of being included in what was previously one of Thane's big kid only activities. And all of this was done at 9:30 the evening before their Valentine parties. Yep. Clearly a best parenting moment. 

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