Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tea break

So tired this morning. So uninspired to do great things in my house. Which so desperately needs great things today.

It's been a long run this week. The last two days were spent traveling for appointments with Seth, dropping Claire off at babysitters and trekking with the rest of the crew. Max has sucked up a lot of my days and nights, between rashes and fevers and general fussiness. Teething perhaps? My feeling is if he's like the rest of my late teethers, it's just round one of a tooth we'll see in a few months.

Mommy's hands being full with Max has left Claire running rampant, slightly bored and ignored, and the boys, STILL off school for Christmas holidays (all the way until January 11th!), without Mommy having the initiative to push, playing too many videogames and having too much indoor time.

I've set the timer though. Max has gone down for a much needed nap, maybe as much needed by Mommy as him. In half an hour, I will be done my tea, and my break. And I will do something. Anything really will be a good start. The kids screen time will be done. Even just back to lego would be good enough for me this morning.

The playroom is a pile of leftover Christmas chaos. A forlorn looking tree stands mostly bare, a handful of decorations hanging in there. The bins and boxes lay everywhere, half full, half barfed onto the shelves throughout the room, in an attempt to keep the breakables out of Miss Invincibles hands. The playroom chaos is spilling into the dining room, where legos, old and new Christmas present additions, are burst open on the dining room table, we've been carving out a space to eat for three evenings now. The garbage is overflowing. The counters are full of dishes, a Christmas angel, a birdhouse Thane made that has yet to be hung. Oh, and there's my sunglasses. I should put those away, I'll be wondering where they are later. And in the back of my mind I know the laundry is climbing slowly up out of their bins, ready to attck me. I know because Max has no clean onesies. There's leftover pre-Christmas sewing chaos taking over the office, somehow in this house I still have no permanent sewing home. Everything needs dusted and vacuumed, but it's tough to do when you can't see the floor. The tv room is full of bins of baby girl clothes that I need to figure out what to do with. I would like to give them away, how is it I can't find anyone to give them too? I need those bins empty to hold the clothes the kids are growing out of now, to get the pile of too small clothes off my dryer. Oh, the laundry room. The cat litter. Gross.

Where do I start on a morning like this?

Uh oh. There's the timer.

Um. The garbage.

As good a place to start as any I guess.


  1. Sitting here feeding my sweet Babe right now, with my cup of tea and loving this post... I could have written pretty much the exact same thing last Saturday morning. I'm still exhausted. Not a lot of sleep here right now either, but I did accomplish one great thing Saturday. Christmas is packed up....there is still a dirty floor, mountainous laundry, kids who got way too much sugar over Christmas....and on and on, but with less clutter I feel so much more at peace! I am inspired by your post to try to do one great thing for my house today. Now I just need to decide what that will be!

  2. You are an inspiration to me! Most days I feel like I am barely holding on and I really only need to look after one person. I don't know how you do it all.
    I am home sick today, or rather at my mummy's house getting fussed over. Days like today I barely feel human, let alone adult-like. I hope when I grow up I can be like you :P


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